Maureen Taylor is the overbearing and vindictive mother of Mary Taylor.

Maureen gave her daughter a horrible upbringing in her early years, which included an event when she covered up Mary's birth to a baby boy at the age of 14 after being sexually assaulted by a local minister. The baby was abandoned at a local hospital and later put into adoption. It would take Mary decades to finally reconcile with her son.

When Maureen was unable to look after herself in her elder years, Mary became her carer. Despite this good deed, this didn't prevent Maureen still mistreating her daughter. In 2009 Mary had enough of her overbearing mother and after winning a motor home in a competition she planned to travel and see the world. She told her friend Norris Cole that her mother had passed away, and the pair of them seemingly attended her funeral. After this, Mary left in her motor home. Mary would eventually return to Weatherfield several months later in order to see Norris, and presumably made contact with Maureen again (without informing Norris at first over her deceit).

In May 2010 Norris thought he had spotted Mary talking to a photograph of Maureen which led to him questioning her mind state, especially as she was holding him against his will at a holiday cottage. He also believes that Mary may have poisoned her mother and told the police this when he finally got free, however it turned out that Maureen was in fact still alive and Mary wasn't talking to the photo but to Maureen over an ear piece.

Despite her mother being still alive Mary still talks about her in the past tense. The reason for this is because of the negative impact Maureen had on Mary's life led to her treating Maureen like she is in the past and not part of her life anymore. Mary would also make a habit of making stories about her mother's past in an almost humorous manner, although it is unclear if it is made up or just exaggerated.

A photograph of Maureen is seen in Episode 7331 (3rd May 2010) although it is not known who the woman is in real life used for the character.
In some sort of error of continuity Norris had attended the funeral of Maureen in 2009 along with Mary (although off-screen) meaning there was no way Mary could have made the death up. However this appeared to be rewritten in 2010 when it was clear that Mary's mother wasn't dead.