Maureen Webb was the wife of Eddie Yeats' binman friend Johnny. The pair had a troubled marriage and when Johnny decided to leave Maureen in October 1980, he paid Stan Ogden £25 in order to stay at 13 Coronation Street for a few days whilst Hilda was away visiting her son in Chesterfield.

Following a tip-off from Vera Duckworth, Maureen turned up at No. 13 to confront Hilda - she was certain that Hilda was Johnny's mistress, even though Eddie had tried to convince her that Hilda and Stan were happily married. After waiting for several hours, Maureen left the house, only to find Hilda and Johnny approaching, him carrying her bag like a gentleman. With a cry of "bloody hell fire!", Johnny ran off leaving Hilda puzzled as to his behaviour and the accusations that Maureen threw at her. As the neighbours watched on, Hilda gave as good as she got with slanders and threats flying round the cobbles. Maureen backed off when Stan arrived with his window-cleaning cart and she saw the size of him. Hilda was satisfied that she had given as good as she got but gave Stan and Eddie hell and threw Johnny out of the house.