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Maurice Pond
Maurice Pond
First appearance 4th July 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Robert Maxfield

After Street Cars taxi driver Jamie Baldwin had told business owners Steve McDonald and Lloyd Mullaney that he thought Pat Stanaway - the regular customer who switch-operator Eileen Grimshaw had recently started seeing - was married, Steve and Lloyd decided that they would park up near to his house to establish whether Jamie's story was true.

The pair were approached by Maurice Pond who knocked on the car window and informed them that he was the neighbourhood watch co-ordinator for the "odd side of the street". Eagle-eyed Maurice had clocked that they had been parked up in the same spot for 3hrs, 48 minutes and wasn't prepared to swallow Lloyd's story of them waiting for a fare. Mr Pond correctly pointed out that if they were working, it was illegal for them to smoke in the taxi and ordered Steve and Lloyd to immediately extinguish their cigarettes. As the pair continued to mock him, he threatened to report Steve and Lloyd to their employer.

Mr Pond did in fact make a telephone complaint to the cab office, and unwittingly reported Steve and Lloyd - to Eileen!

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