Max MM

Max Morgan-Witts (born 27th September 1931 in Detroit) directed 10 episodes of Coronation Street between July & August 1961 and January and April 1963.

Like many of the staff at the newly-established Granada Television, he hailed from the Americas and amongst his other work he directed fifty episodes of The Army Game (which he also produced for a short while), Shadow Squad, The Younger Generation and The Verdict is Yours . He was also a prolific documentary maker for the BBC, most notably the 14-part series The British Empire, and he served as an editor and the Executive Producer on the popular weekly science series Tomorrow's World. Later on, his career moved into book writing with non-fiction and fiction including The Day their World Ended, Shipwreck: The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle, Guernica: The Crucible of World War II, Ruin from the Air: The Enola Gay's Atomic Mission to Hiroshima and Voyage of the Damned.

Episodes directed by Max Morgan-WittsEdit

1961 (6 episodes)

1963 (4 episodes)

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