First appearance 18th March 2015
Last appearance 23rd March 2015
Number of appearances 3
Played by Beverly Hills

The unnamed Mediator conducted several sessions between David Platt and Callum Logan over custody of Max Turner in March 2015.

In the first session, Callum, attired in an expensive suit, tried successfully to paint himself as a reformed character who had rediscovered himself and who felt that his birth son was everything to him now while David listened on in disbelief. Callum did however lose his cool at the end when the mediator suggested a date for a second session as he thought he'd already made his case successfully and the custody should be his. David smirked as he pointed out to Callum that he couldn't bypass the process in the same way that he'd bypassed his son's first eight years! Callum lost his temper and the mediator was given a glimpse of his true nature.

At the second session, David was on edge as Gail had failed to turn up to support him, although Callum had his mother Marion Logan in the room with him. He tried to get a postponement but no one else was willing. Callum was better prepared mentally this time and the mediator - described as "touchy-feely" by Callum himself - fell hook, line and sinker for his protestations that he was a changed character. David objected and the mediator insisted that he abide by the rules that he'd signed up to or the process was a waste of time. Callum put the knife in by stating that David's marriage with Kylie was a disaster due to her drug dependency upon which David lost his temper and told the assembled meeting that Callum was her dealer. Callum put on a superb act of repentance for his past sins until David could take no more. The mediator cancelled the session, saying that they couldn't hope to progress with David in the state that he was in. Marion suggested that the two men spent time with Max together, the mediator agreed and David was forced to reluctantly accept.

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