Meg Ollerenshaw was the owner of Albert Tatlock's military medal awarded to him after the battle at Fleur Courcelette where he saved the lives of two of his comrades. Tracy Barlow found out from her mother Deirdre that the medal was valuable and tactlessly decided to sell it to raise money for her forthcoming marriage to Rob Donovan. Meg arrived at Barlow's Buys to discuss selling it back to Tracy.

The couple expected to meet a man (a collector of military medals) and were surprised to meet the feisty and uncompromising Meg Ollerenshaw who refused to sell them the medal for anything less than £575. Unable to reach an agreement, Meg left her business card on the counter and stalked out of the shop. Tracy ripped up the business card and resolved to leave the medal with "Mad Meg on a velvet cushion in her front window" but later on Rob retrieved the card and pieced it together. Rob phoned Meg and agreed to buy the medal back for the asking price and gave it back to Deirdre who announced to Tracy a few days before that if she didn't get the medal back she would never speak to her again. Peace was temporarily restored when Tracy reluctantly conceded that Rob did the right thing in the end.