Megan Smithson
Megan Smithson
First appearance 18th February 2013
Last appearance 4th March 2013
Number of appearances 5
Played by Amy Dolan

Megan Smithson was a friend of Katy Armstrong and Steph Britton. The trio met up at Roy's Rolls in February 2013 in order to discuss details of Steph's 18th birthday party which was being held at Nick's Bistro at the end of the week. As Steph excitedly told Katy of her plans, she and Megan were instantly drawn to Ryan Connor - friend to both Katy and her partner Chesney Brown.

On the day of the party, Steph was disappointed to learn that her DJ had cancelled but this was short-lived when Michelle Connor suggested that her son could do the gig instead. Later that evening at the bistro, Steph and Megan wasted no time in making a play for Ryan but their attempts at chatting him up were to no avail as he only had eyes for Katy.

Ryan and Katy drew ever closer whilst working together at Prima Doner over the following weeks, and felt awkward when Chesney suggested that they should all meet up with Steph and Megan at the Rovers. The girls continued to pump information out of Katy in order to win Ryan over but towards the end of the evening, Chesney, Katy and Megan declined his offer of heading into town and left the way clear for Steph to have Ryan to herself.

List of appearancesEdit


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