Mel Hutchwright
Occupation Supposed author/ Conman
First appearance 1st May 2005
Last appearance 22nd May 2005
Number of appearances 10
Played by Ian McKellen

Mel Hutchwright (real name, Lionel Hipkiss) claimed to be the author of the romance novel, Hard Grinding. The local Coronation Street Book Club read and reviewed the book and, aside from Ken Barlow, seemed to enjoy it. Blanche Hunt especially thought it was a great read and wrote to the author via the agent, or ex-agent as it turns out. A few weeks later, Mel turned up at a book club meeting at Roy's Rolls, much to the excitement of Blanche and Norris Cole in particular. Norris invited him to stay with him and Emily Bishop but it soon became clear that Mel was a freeloading con-man with writer's block. He managed to cadge free drinks and lodging and although Ken was suspicious, it took a little longer for the rest to twig to his motives.

Mel schmoozed the book club members, winning them over and tried to scam them into giving him money "to help publish his book", telling them they'd get a share of the profits. Eventually, Ken discovered that Mel's real name was Lionel Hipkiss and he'd pulled the same monetary scam at other book clubs all over the country. People invested and never did see a book published! He was revealed to be a con artist who had also spent time in the nick in the past. Mel/Lionel blasted them all, insulted them and left. Nobody called the police due to not wanting undue publicity as well as showing themselves up as fools. Mel/Lionel left the Street, leaving shamefaced readers behind him.

List of appearancesEdit


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