Melanie 3093
Occupation Shop worker
First appearance 11th July 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sarah Hunting

Melanie was a Bettabuy shop worker who was chosen as the branch's Miss Bettabuy at the behest of Reg Holdsworth. In 1990, assistant manager Curly Watts instructed the young woman on her upcoming role ushering customers onto the Bettabuy bus. The reality of being Miss Bettabuy not matching up to her expectations of glitz and glamour, Melanie complaned as Curly gave her leaflets to hand out and reminded her to smile as she was there representing the Bettabuy image.

Melanie did not last long in the role of Miss Bettabuy and by January 1991 Raquel Wolstenhulme had taken on the position - and everything it entailed.

The character was credited as "Miss Bettabuy". Her first name was given in dialogue..

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