Meter Reader 5348
Meter Reader
First appearance 27th September 2002
Number of appearances 1
Played by Nigel Leonard

In financial trouble, Richard Hillman concocted a plan to convince Audrey Roberts that she was going senile and then kill her in a house fire which she would have supposedly started herself and then cash in her insurance. Over the course of some time, he gained entry to her house and changed items round or interfered in the running of her home in small ways to convince her that she was losing her mind. One day, he went to her house emptied the washing machine of her clean washing, knowing that when she returned she would have no memory of having carried out the task herself. Upon leaving the house, he was shocked to bump into a Meter Reader who was just about to knock. Richard had no choice but to let him in and then realised that he had no idea where her electric meter was actually situated. The first place he tried he was successful and the man left none the wiser.

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