Michael Beckham directed 34 episodes of Coronation Street between September 1963 and August 1965. After university, he worked for Granada Television for twenty-five years but his main contribution to the output of the company was in the field of current affairs and documentaries. He directed and produced eighty editions of World in Action, Charter 77, Television, Disappearing World and Who Bombed Birmingham. Since turning freelance, he has continued to produce and direct series such as Undercover Britain, To the Ends of the Earth, Danube Blues, War in the Falklands, Secrets of the Parthenon. Attack on the USS Cole and The Hunt for Adolf Eichmann.

He has won various awards for his work including the Royal Television Society, Emmy and three gold medals from the New York Film Festival.

Episodes directed by Michael BeckhamEdit

1963 (10 episodes)

1964 (20 episodes)

1965 (4 episodes)

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