Michael Collins (born May 1921 in Isleworth, Middlesex, died 24th December 1979 in Canada) appeared in Coronation Street in December 1964 as Bernie Sparks, friend of the Ogden family and Irma's Godfather.

He also appeared in Quatermass II, Sixpenny Corner (ITV's first soap opera), The Adventures of Robin Hood, Skyport, The Avengers, No Hiding Place, Armchair Theatre, Emergency-Ward 10, Z Cars, Taxi!, The Plane Makers, The Saint, Dr. Finlay's Casebook, The Newcomers, Bless This House, Follyfoot and The Onedin Line.

On film he appeared in The Pleasure Lovers and Caught in the Net but is best known for dubbing Gert Frobe as Goldfinger in the film of the same name.

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