Michelle Turnbull was a young blonde-haired woman who Eddie Yeats looked after for a few hours for his jailbird friend Freddie, Michelle's boyfriend. The couple ended up gatecrashing Ray and Deirdre Langton's flatwarming at 20 Victoria Street, where Michelle, clad in a hippy-style dress, struck off on her own with a bizarre spaced-out dance, which continued even when there was no music playing. Already annoyed at having to throw a party she didn't want, Deirdre's mood worsened when Michelle started doing a striptease, and on finding a burn on her coffee table caused by Michelle's cigarette, Deirdre called a halt to the party and told everyone to leave. The next day, having got rid of Michelle, Eddie tried to make it up to the Langtons by fixing the table, succeeding only with Len Fairclough's help after he made an even bigger mess of it by sanding off the burn.

Michelle's drink was a gin and blackcurrant.