Mickey Edwards
Mickey Edwards
Occupation Jockey
Residence Needhams Lane
First appearance 18th September 2002
Last appearance 23rd September 2002
Number of appearances 3
Played by Iain Jones

Mickey Edwards was a cab fare picked up by Vikram Desai. Vik recognised him as a famous jockey and Mickey offered him a hot tip instead of his fare at the end of the journey but this was refused. Nevertheless, Mickey gave Vik the tip anyway: "Lucky Sam". The horse won as predicted although Vik had failed to put a bet on. A few days later, Vik found that Mickey was his customer again. Once more an offer was made of the fare or a tip and again Vik chose the fare, although this time Mickey wasn't forthcoming with the tip. The third time, Vik wasn't so reticent and took the tip, winning £200 in the process.

List of appearancesEdit


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