Mickey lee
Mickey Lee
First appearance 26th July 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chris Larner

Mickey Lee was a dog owner whose canine sired five pups with Harry Slinger's greyhound Lucky in 1989. When Lucky fell pregnant, Harry agreed to give half the pups to Mickey, but he later sold Lucky to Don Brennan to pay a debt making no mention of the pregnancy.

After Lucky gave birth, Mickey turned up at 5 Coronation Street to collect two of her pups, on the understanding that Harry had sorted it out with Don. Don and Ivy knew nothing of the arrangement but while Ivy resolutely refused to let him take the pups, Don privately agreed to let him have them on the condition that he took rest off their hands, including Lucky. Ivy was angry with Don until he told her that he'd got a good price for the dogs, which he used to repay Ivy the last of the money he owed her for settling his gambling debt with Mike Baldwin at the beginning of the year.

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