Midwifery sister 3166
Midwifery Sister
Occupation Nurse
First appearance 26th December 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Hilary Trott

The Midwifery Sister was on duty at the Chamberlain ward at Weatherfield General when Gail Tilsley and Sally Webster had their babies over Christmas 1990. The sister escorted Gail, Martin Platt and baby David to the ward after a problem-free birth, with Martin lending a hand by pushing Gail's wheelchair. Having worked at the hospital as a porter, Martin joked that Gail had lucked out by being placed in Chamberlain, but the sister quickly allayed Gail's worries.

While the sister and a nurse prepared a bed for Gail, the new mother introduced her newborn to Sally and her new daughter Rosie. Sally was in the bed next to Gail's. Once the bed was prepared, the sister advised Gail to get some rest.

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