Mike Leeman
Occupation Hotel proprietor
Residence Blackpool
First appearance 1st May 2011
Number of appearances 1
Played by Graham Walker

Mike Leeman was the proprietor of a one-star hotel in Blackpool which Steve McDonald, Tracy and Amy Barlow were forced to stay at in May 2011 after Steve's taxi had been towed away due to a parking violation.

The elderly gentleman showed them to their room facing the rear of the property pointing out both a double and single bed, tea/coffee making facilities, a handbasin and an en-suite bathroom. Although Steve was reluctant to take the room offered - immediately inquiring about a sea-view room, Tracy was more amenable however and reminded Steve that because it was a Bank Holiday, most other hotels were already fully-booked and Amy was completely worn out.

The proprietor then went onto give them a list of "guest rules": breakfast would be served between 7.00 and 9.00am, the front door would be locked at 11.00pm, no pets or loud music, no vulgar T-shirts to be worn in the dining room, and buckets and spades to be kept outside in the back yard.

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