Mike Leydon was a client of Foster's - an underwear factory set up by Frank Foster. Machinist Sally Webster put Frank in touch with Leydon and Frank agreed that she could attend the business meeting with him. Sally convinced Leydon that the factory had a contingency, could subcontract with other smaller factories and that they could guarantee the quality of their products. Mike left saying he was interested but he didn't sign a deal immediately with them. An impressed Frank later invited Sally to a meal with Leydon but understood when she said that she had to stay at home to sort out her family problems.

In the New Year, Mike attended a drinks party at Frank's house which was interrupted by gate-crasher Carla Connor who berated him and the other guests for doing business behind her back with Frank when he was facing a charge of raping her. Mike and the other embarrassed party-goers made their excuses and left.

Frank invited him round to his house a few days later when he and Sally convinced him that Carla had set Frank up and they could do business again.

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