Mike Watkins
Mike Watkins
Residence Clitheroe
First appearance 31st January 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Andrew Buckley

Mike Watkins was the owner of a 1971 Morris Minor Traveller that Roy and Hayley Cropper were interested in purchasing. The Croppers approached neighbour and local mechanic Kevin Webster, handing him a picture of the car and asked him if he'd take a look at it for them as the owner was driving down from Clitheroe in order for them to view it. Concerned about the age of the vehicle, Roy was quick to tell Kevin that it had recently been re-wooded, varnished and sealed.

Mr Watkins duly arrived and informed the Croppers that the car had 174,000 miles on the clock, four previous owners, went from 0-30mph in about forty seconds - depending on the engine being warm - and that it had been well looked-after; his grandmother being the last owner and the car had sat in the garage for the past year. Hayley was thrilled with the car and accepted the seller's invitation to take it for a test-drive. Friend and bystander Becky Granger was less than impressed however, and commented that it looked like a pile of junk. Roy invited Mr Watkins to wait inside the cafe and have some refreshment whilst Kevin checked the mechanics.

Kevin confirmed that the car was in good condition and told Roy and Hayley that they'd got themselves a bargain if they just wanted something to pootle around in. They agreed to offer Mr Watkins the full asking price and finalised their purchase of the "Woody" in the cafe.

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