Mikey 2010 character
Occupation Student
First appearance 20th September 2010
Last appearance 23rd September 2010
Number of appearances 3
Played by John Catterall

Mikey was a student who worked in a hotel kitchen with Sian Powers and offered her and Sophie Webster a floor to sleep on when they were thrown out of their Sheffield digs for non-payment of rent when they were on the run in September 2010. Sophie was uncertain about taking up the offer as they hardly knew him but, with ten others in the flat, Sian pointed out that there was safety in numbers. Mikey took them home to his pigsty student accommodation where flatmate Craig was waiting for the food he’d stolen from the hotel kitchen, having eaten one bowl of sugar puffs all day.

Mikey was unaware that Sian and Sophie were lovers and came on to the latter saying he’d helped her out and so she should “scratch his back”. She threatened to tell the police if he touched her one more time. When Sian found out she insisted that they pack their things and move out.

List of appearancesEdit


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