The Milkman became embroiled in Percy Sugden's investigation into the burglary of 4 Coronation Street in 1990.

When the man called across the street at No.3 to collect £7.92 in payment from Emily Bishop, Percy took the opportunity to question him, confirming that he knew that the house would be empty as the Wiltons cancelled their milk before embarking on their holiday to Madeira. The milkman took great offence at Percy's insinuation that he had a hand in the burglary, and told him that they could get their milk from somebody else in future.

The milkman had another run-in with Percy at delivery time the next day, when the irascible pensioner ambushed him to apologise and have No.3 reinstated on the round. The milkman was initially uninterested, causing Percy to row with him on No.4's doorstep. After Derek Wilton admonished them for disturbing him, the milkman gave in and agreed to reinstate No.3 - but, still bitter, he promised to only leave one bottle (for Emily).