Occupation Social Worker
First appearance 25th October 2010
Last appearance 2nd September 2011
Number of appearances 5
Played by Debbie Chazen

Miriam was a Social Worker assigned to the case of Kylie Turner and her ongoing assessment about her fitness for retaining custody of her son, Max. Kylie had gone off to Ayia Napa for a holiday leaving Max in the custody of Becky McDonald who, desperate to retain her nephew in the family, looked for any way in which Miriam could be fooled into thinking all was well. When she overheard Miriam saying that the usual case worker was off work for root canal treatment and that her only experience of the matter was from reading the case file, Becky posed as her own sister as she visited them at the Rovers. Steve had no option but to go along with the deception. Owen Armstrong almost gave the game away when he started to address Becky by her real name but Steve hussled him back into the bar. Miriam remained unsuspicious, even when she saw a photograph of Becky and Steve on the mantelpiece and when Max referred to her quietly as Aunty Becky. Miriam left, satisfied with what she had seen, but telling "Kylie" that she still wanted to see Becky at some future point. Miriam returned in June 2011 and Max was taken back into care. In September 2011, she had a meeting with Kylie and her husband David and supervised Kylie on her subsequent visit with Max.

List of appearancesEdit



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