Miss Crocker
Miss Crocker
Occupation School Drama Teacher
First appearance 9th July 2003
Number of appearances 1
Played by Naomie Thompson

When Sally Webster went through a phase of being the showbiz mother from hell she was appalled to discover that her “talented” daughter Rosie had not been given a part in the Weatherfield Comprehensive production of My Fair Lady but instead had been allocated a back stage role.

Sally went into the school the next day and demanded to know why her little starlet had been looked over. Drama teacher Miss Crocker calmly told Sally that Rosie had little talent and received back a semi-hysterical rant that one day the girl would have her name in lights whereas Miss Crocker would still be nothing more than a teacher. Rosie, who had refused to go into the meeting, overheard the exchange through the door and was mortified. At home later she lambasted her mother who offered to apologise but this made little difference to the girl. Miss Crocker would be her drama teacher in the next academic year and Rosie said she wouldn’t be able to look her in the face.

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