Miss Fletcher
Miss Fletcher
Occupation Teacher
First appearance 20th November 2013
Number of appearances 1
Played by Sara Bahadori

Miss Fletcher was a stand-in teacher at Bessie Street School. Tina McIntyre went at the end of the day to collect Simon Barlow on behalf of Peter Barlow and Leanne Tilsley but Miss Fletcher, after having checked, reported that the child wasn't inside the building and no one knew where he was. Headteacher Brian Packham told her to get another teacher involved and check the toilets, storeroom and assembly hall. Meanwhile Simon turned up back at Coronation Street in the company of Nick Tilsley who had decided to collect him without telling anyone, partially caused by the mental confusion he was still feeling after having sustained head injuries in a car crash earlier in the year.

The character was credited as Miss Fletcher but named as '"Mrs" Fletcher by Tina McIntyre in dialogue.

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