Miss Hurst
Miss Hurst
Occupation Job Centre Officer
First appearance 19th July 1976
Number of appearances 1
Played by Vivienne McKee

Miss Hurst worked at the Job Centre where Ernest Bishop called at after the collapse of his photography business in 1976. She took his personal details. Ernie asked if he could be put on the Professional Executives Register and she checked if he qualified. She did so but found out that the nature of his previous business meant that he couldn't go on this list. She suggested he checked on the current available jobs listed on the cards displayed while she checked other open jobs. She did so and told him about a position at The Wheatsheaf pub playing the organ which he rejected as it was night work and the other was at Globex Photographics but when she rang them up she found out that the position had been filled a couple of hours previously. She also advised Ernie on the processes involved in claiming supplementary benefit.

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