Miss Muirhouse
Miss Muirhouse
Occupation Head teacher
First appearance 24th April 2009
Number of appearances 1
Played by Marie Critchley

Miss Muirhouse was the Head teacher at Bessie Street School and spoke to Becky Granger when it transpired that Amy Barlow had been upset by another pupil in the classroom.

Amy's father Steve McDonald had initially received a phone call from the school, but tied down with an impending meeting at Street Cars, arranged for Becky to go and collect her.

After the Head had spoken with the teacher, it transpired that the children were doing a lesson about "families" and one of the boys in the class had shouted out that Amy's mum was a murderer. Upon finding out that the boy in question was named "Cuthbert Gillespie", Becky told Miss Muirhouse that she should report the child's parents to social services - for giving him such a pathetic name.

She assured Becky that Cuthbert would be spoken to about the "inappropriateness of his behaviour" and there would be no repeat of the incident, but was also quick to point out that in theory, he was telling the truth. Becky then collected Amy from the Head's office, where she was sat quietly with another teacher.

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