Occupation Student
First appearance 11th September 2009
Last appearance 11th September 2009
Number of appearances 2
Played by Marcquelle Ward

Mitch was a college friend of Amber Kalirai who had been invited to a party along with Amber and her boyfriend Darryl Morton in September 2009. Mitch met the couple in Victoria Street having booked a cab from Street Cars and excitedly told the pair that he couldn't wait to go to London as he'd be able to purchase an Oyster card and use the underground instead of shelling out for taxis.

Annoyed at finding out that he would be attending the same university as Amber, Darryl demanded an explanation from her after instructing Mitch to go and double-check the booking, but as Amber brushed the matter aside and accused him of over-reacting, the pair argued and Darryl jumped to the conclusion that she fancied Mitch and refused to attend the party.

On their way back home, Mitch told Amber that Darryl treated her like dirt and, after telling her that he'd be a far better boyfriend, pinned her against a shop doorway and kissed her. However, as she responded the pair were observed by a gutted Darryl. When Amber apologised to him the next day for their argument, Darryl told her that he saw her kissing Mitch and ended their relationship.

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