Moira maxwell
Moira Maxwell
Spouse(s) Robert Maxwell
First appearance 4th October 1965
Last appearance 24th October 1966
Number of appearances 3
Played by Ann Castle

Moira Maxwell was the wife of Robert Maxwell, who had a heart attack at the wheel whilst driving Elsie Tanner home from the Fox and Hounds pub in October 1965. Realising Robert was dead, Elsie fled the scene and didn't tell the police as Robert was a married man and her presence in the car would be suspect. Elsie was identified by the police anyway as she'd left her gloves at the pub and had been seen speaking to Robert. Moira refused to see Elsie at the inquest, appearing instead at Elsie's home a few days later to have it out with the "backstreet tart". Elsie was having a difficult time too but, seeing Moira's obvious guilt over Robert's death, let the widow blame her.

A year later, Moira made a series of obscene phone calls to Elsie, terrifying her for nearly a month. Moira eventually turned up at No.11 and again verbally abused Elsie, saying that she had destroyed her whole world by taking Robert away. Elsie was having none of it but the obviously deranged woman grabbed a knife and attacked her. She was restrained by Len Fairclough, who phoned the police.

In Episode 612 (24th October 1966), Moira called her husband "George" instead of Robert.

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