Molly Jarvis
Molly Jarvis
Occupation Salvation Army Soldier
First appearance 14th September 1970
Number of appearances 1
Played by Julia Jaegar

Molly Jarvis was a soldier with the Salvation Army at their Weatherfield branch. Lucille Hewitt had been moved by the testimony of bereaved John Hill at one of their meetings and resolved to try and help others. She went back next day to see Major Parrett and offer her services and Molly and two other girls were the first people she met in the hall. Molly, in her starchy uniform, unnerved Lucille by asking her to settle a dispute. Lucille expected to have to intercede on an theological matter but was relieved when she found out that the question was over which skirts would be in fashion that autumn - the mini, the midi or the maxi? Lucille answered the mini as the midi made girls look like someone out of A Family at War.

Molly agreed and took Lucille into Major Parrett's office where, after a discussion about her motives, he asked Lucille to help look after difficult pensioner Arthur Noblett. Molly described Noblett as not so much a challenge as a war in himself!

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