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Monica Sutton
Father Ernie Sutton
Sibling(s) Jenny Tanner
First appearance 1st January 1968
Last appearance 10th January 1968
Number of appearances 4
Played by Angela Pleasence

Monica Sutton was the sister of Jenny Sutton, and later sister-in-law of Dennis Tanner. Monica had run away from her home in London to join a Hippie commune, and Jenny followed her up north to Weatherfield in an attempt to bring her home. Jenny ended up staying with Dennis when the hippies moved on from 11 Coronation Street, where they'd been staying.

A few months later, Monica got engaged to a bank manager, and her dad Ernie chose to pay for her wedding over Jenny's. Monica didn't appear at Jenny's and Dennis's wedding on 29th May.

List of appearancesEdit


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