Morris Grieves was a clerk employed by Crow Delivery Services who had, for some time, been trying to deliver a parcel to Norris Cole. He kept missing them, once by seconds, and as he didn't know what the parcel could be, he was all on edge to collect it and discover what it was that someone was trying to send him. He and Rita Tanner went to the courier's offices to collect it in person.

Norris was in one of his worst carping moods and was constantly impatient with the clerk, fully aware that the time was 4.57pm and the closing time was only three minutes away. He harangued Morris to check his ID quickly but the clerk got his revenge when he snapped his fingers at him for the delivery card and then told him he had been too hasty in calling within the 24-hour timeframe allowed as the parcel was still on the van. Norris went into a rant and threatened him with being personally responsible for the item which he said he would collect at 8.45am prompt the next day. Norris was still in full cry when the enquiry office blind was closed shut on him.