Motorist 3101
First appearance 30th July 1990
Number of appearances 1
Played by Martin Oldfield

The Motorist picked up 15-year-old Joanne Khan when she was hitchhiking back to Weatherfield from the Lake District after falling out with her boyfriend Steve McDonald in 1990.

Taken by Joanne, the slimy man treated her to breakfast in a service station, where he questioned her on why she was alone. Joanne was glad to quell her hunger and didn't mind telling him about herself, but some of his questions, such as whether she slept with Steve, visibly disturbed her. After Joanne treated them to another cup of tea, they prepared to set off, with Joanne understanding that they were headed straight for Manchester. However, the motorist then tried to backtrack, insisting on taking the "scenic route". Joanne started to panic about the man's intentions, so when he went into the gents, she took the opportunity to ditch him and find someone else to take her home.

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