Mr Harper
Mr Harper
Occupation Borough Surveyor's official
First appearance 22nd March 1961
Number of appearances 1
Played by Joby Blanchard

Mr Harper was an official from Weatherfield Town Hall who called to see Albert Tatlock in March 1961 in response to a letter he had written on behalf of the residents in protest at the plans to pull down Coronation Street. Albert brought him round to see Elsie Tanner with good news: there were no plans for demolition and the Town Hall were anxious to find out how the impression had been given that there were. One by one, Albert was taking Mr Harper round the houses to find out where the rumour had originated. Elsie couldn't recall who had told her and Dennis Tanner said that he had heard it from her.

They next called at 3 Coronation Street where Frank and David Barlow were home. Frank himself had heard the news from Ida who was away at her mother's and therefore couldn't help further. In the Rovers Annie Walker counted up the list of residents who had been consulted and realised that the only one not spoken to was Ena Sharples. Eyebrows were raised and Albert voiced his fears that he could have had a second rum for courage before he took him across the street to see her at the Vestry.

Mr. Harper could hardly get a word in edgeways as Ena told Albert that she was safe as only the terraced side of the street would be demolished with no one touching an employer such as Elliston's Raincoat Factory. When Mr. Harper gave her the news that there would be no demolition, she rebutted him, telling him about the notice that she herself had read in the Town Hall. Mr. Harper realised who the source of the rumour was and told Ena that the notice she had read had been about Coronation Terrace, several miles away. Albert took Mr Harper back to the Rovers where the two of them were given drinks on the house and Len Fairclough took him on at a game of darts. Ena was given a much more frosty welcome when she came in.

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