Mr. Morgan
Occupation Bank manager
First appearance 9th September 1974
Last appearance 11th September 1974
Number of appearances 2
Played by Norman Scace

Mr. Morgan was a bank manager who saw Granny Hopkins and Tricia about a £1,000 loan to buy the Corner Shop in September 1974. Granny didn't get the loan as she undermined her own argument when she admitted that the family-run business only had one full-time member of staff - her. Mr. Morgan advised Granny in light of the economic climate to carry on renting the shop from Gordon Clegg.

Mr. Morgan also saw Minnie Caldwell when she presented him with a petition the neighbours had drawn up in support of the Hopkins' loan application. Alf Roberts, who had been roped into accompanying her, indicated for Mr. Morgan to humour Minnie and so he accepted the petition (but still refused the loan).

Mr. Morgan had an egg-shaped bald head, was well-spoken and wore glasses.

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