Sgt Oldfield
Mr Oldfield
Occupation Police Sergeant
Children Karen Oldfield
First appearance 1st October 1980
Last appearance 5th November 1980
Number of appearances 3
Played by Michael Lees

Mr Oldfield was the father of Karen Oldfield, a machinist at Baldwin's Casuals who began a teenage romance with Martin Cheveski in the autumn of 1980. Being sixteen years old, their leisure time was spent at youth clubs and cinemas but one night Martin got Karen drunk on both the cider he bought at the Corner Shop and the gin supply of his gran, Elsie Tanner who returned home to find her barely able to stand on her feet. Her father was furious and told her not to see Martin again, as well as warning Alf Roberts about selling alcohol to underage youngsters.

Undeterred, Martin hung around the factory and invited Karen out again but she told him she daren’t. He got her to agree to call round at No. 11 behind her father’s back but Oldfield turned up instead and threatened Martin for harassing his daughter. Elsie threatened him with the police but he then dropped his bombshell - he was a police officer himself. When Fred Gee scared Elsie with stories of what a determined police officer could to shopkeepers like Alf, she threw Karen out of No. 11, much to Martin’s anger. The two teenagers started to see each other in secret, meeting in the evening at the Builder's Yard, but were caught there by PC Maskall on patrol one night. Word got back to Sgt. Oldfield and he called at No. 11 to give Elsie a warning that Martin would be in court if he spoke to Karen again. Elsie understood his reasons why he was against Martin but told Mr. Oldfield straight that his daughter was scared to death of him and was torn between her father and boyfriend. She suggested that he guide his daughter, rather than drive her away but he refused to take heed of her words. He also refused to listen to Martin's employer Len Fairclough who tried to convince him of the lad's decency.

Martin decided to return to Birmingham, rather than not to be able to have anything to do with her. He was telling Karen when Oldfield caught them together. He was in the act of giving him a final warning when Martin informed him of his decision to leave the area, catching him on the hop. Oldfield realised the truth of Elsie's words and that Martin was a decent lad at heart and gave his blessing to the two of them.

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