Mr stewart
Mr. Stewart
Occupation Clerk
First appearance 4th October 1971
Last appearance 6th October 1971
Number of appearances 2
Played by Paul Williamson

Mr. Stewart was a clerk at the Labour Exchange who dealt with Jerry Booth when he was job-seeking there in October 1971. The glasses-wearing man took Jerry's details and called him back the following day when Len Fairclough left a letter asking that Jerry see him about a job with Fairclough and Langton.

More troublesome was Lucille Hewitt, who'd been for an interview at a travel agents only to discover when she got there that the job had been filled. Chatting about it with Peggy Prentice and John Carter, Mr. Stewart posited that the interviewer had been put off by Lucille's attitude and lied to get rid of her, noting that she was a bit on the aggressive side.