Mr Aspinall
Mr Aspinall
Occupation Car Salesman
First appearance 16th May 2001
Number of appearances 1
Played by Marc Parry

Mr Aspinall was a car salesman at Motor Mart who sold a sporty two-seater to Ashley Peacock after his wife Maxine demanded that he get a new car for them, rather than making her travel round in a butcher's van. Maxine however was not pleased with his choice of vehicle, wanting something bigger for the baby she so desperately wanted with Ashley. She went back to the showroom with him where, Mr Aspinall, using his salesman's skills, recognised Maxine for the social-climber she was and sold them a space cruiser, telling them that such a vehicle would give the message out that they were careful parents and an invite to join the PTA association of their child's school was assured.

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