Mr ballantyne
Mr Ballantyne
Residence Hillside Crescent
First appearance 6th December 1989
Number of appearances 1
Played by Derrick Gilbert

Mr Ballantyne was the owner of a Hillside Crescent semi which Alf and Audrey Roberts bought in November 1989. Due to a (very) last-minute hitch in the chain, the Ballantynes' new house hadn't been vacated, and so they had to stay put in Hillside Crescent for the time being. As the Roberts were at that moment on their way to their new home with the removal van not far behind, Mr Ballantyne had to break the news to the disbelieving couple on the doorstep.

A few days later, the Ballantynes took their house off the market, and as a result the Roberts had to start their search for a house from scratch. Having sold 11 Coronation Street to the McDonald family, they were forced to live in the Corner Shop flat - not that Alf minded.

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