Mr Benedict
Mr Benedict
Occupation Casino Manager
First appearance 15th February 2013
Last appearance 15th February 2013
Number of appearances 2
Played by Kevin Pallister

Mr Benedict was the manager of a casino on Canalside Road in Weatherfield. Sylvia Goodwin had spent some time in Palm Springs in the USA with boyfriend Milton Fanshaw where she had developed a gambling addiction. Once back in the UK, she continued to frequent the blackjack tables, determined to win her lost money back but ended up owing some £2,000.

Sylvia's son, Roy Cropper, felt that the casinos where in a morally reprehensible position and owed a duty of care to their clients. He was especially concerned when Sylvia suggested that Roy use his maths skills to break the bank. He visited the casino and told Mr Benedict that he should feel ashamed of himself and he wanted him to return Sylvia's money as she was an addict and a pensioner on a restricted income. Benedict treated Roy in a supercilious fashion and gave him £10 of chips free, telling him that gambling was fun, and he might be able to win Sylvia's winnings back. He also tore in half a list of Sylvia's losses that Roy had prepared and handed it back to him.

Roy was enraged and determined to beat them at their own game. Taking up Sylvia's suggestion, he practiced his card skills with the help of Ken Barlow and Dennis Tanner to the point where he felt ready to take on the casino. Roy achieved his aim of getting back the £2,000 but Mr Benedict was alerted to "suspicious activity" on the table and called the player and his accompanying party into his office. There, Roy explained his method of using the laws of probability to determine the next card and demanded his winnings or Benedict would be reported to the gambling commission. Banning Roy henceforth from entering the casino, Benedict had no option but to pay up.

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