Mr Bright
Mr Bright
Residence Preston
Spouse(s) Freda Bright
Children Audrey Fleming
First appearance 8th July 1968
Number of appearances 1
Played by Tom Watson

Mr Bright was the father of Audrey Bright, soon to be Mrs Audrey Fleming. His daughter and future son-in-law had bought No.3 but had disappeared. He came looking for them, posing as a carpet fitter for No.3 when he made enquiries in the Corner Shop and found out that neither Maggie Clegg nor Ena Sharples had seen them for days. In the Rovers, Mr Bright bumped into Mr Fleming, neither of the two men being happy to see the other and each blaming the other's child for the teenage romance. The mystery was solved the next week when the youngsters returned, having married in secret in Gretna Green.

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