Nicholas Asbury
Mr Brodie
Occupation Veterinarian
First appearance 7th November 2011
Last appearance 14th November 2011
Number of appearances 3
Played by Nicholas Asbury

Mr Brodie was the veterinarian  who treated Schmeichel when the Great Dane was diagnosed with liver disease in November 2011. Having brought the dog into the practice in Draper Street, Mr Brodie told Chesney Brown that Schmeichel may have been suffering from renal cancer as well and told him that they could operate but chances of success were limited. He also talked about the possibility of putting him to sleep, but Chesney was distraught and insisted that they operate. However, the first biopsy was unsuccessful. The vet then strongly recommended that Schmeichel should be put down, but Chesney refused to consider it and took his dog back home, vowing to find another vet who would operate. However, he later agreed that putting the Greate Dane to sleep was the kindest thing he could do.

Credited on all three appearances as "Vet", the character's name was revealed in dialogue on both Episode 7733 and Episode 7736.

List of appearancesEdit


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