Mr Bryan
Mr Bryan
Occupation Bank loan arranger
First appearance 24th August 2007
Number of appearances 1
Played by Patrick Brennan

Mr Bryan was the representative of the bank who came to inspect Italian restaurant Valandro's after chef Paul Clayton had approached the financial institution to borrow £20,000 in order to obtain a 40% share of the business from sole-owner, Leanne Battersby.

After checking over the business accounts and giving the loan application serious consideration, Mr Bryan approved the application for the full £20,000 on the spot and stated that the money would be in "Jack's" bank account within the week - subject to the usual checks. After he had handed Mr Bryan the necessary documentation and the satisfied loan arranger left the restaurant, a proud Paul informed Leanne that he had used the name of his grandad, Jack Duckworth, in order to get the money. Paul had in fact given the bank a fake passport and driving licence, along with the utility bills and deeds to 9 Coronation Street, having obtained the loan fraudulently.

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