Mr Charles
Mr Charles
Occupation Driving Instructor
First appearance 12th January 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Nicholas Fry

Mr Charles was the driving instructor who gave Tyrone Dobbs his first legal lessons. The former tearaway had spent several years stealing cars and joyriding and didn’t have the common sense to hide his ill-gotten knowledge from his new teacher. Confident behind the wheel, Tyrone went over the speed limit on his lesson and was sarcastically asked by Mr Charles if he knew what the legal limit was, prompting the rejoinder, “God, you're supposed to be a driving instructor - don't you know?!”

Oggling women in others cars, deliberately splashing a puddle over two policemen with a speed gun and almost running over Janice Battersby and Gwen Loveday also did little to endear Tyrone to his new teacher but, nevertheless, he did manage to pass his test several weeks later.

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