Mr Charlesworth
Mr Charlesworth
Occupation Old Folks’ Home Supervisor
First appearance 25th August 1965
Last appearance 30th August 1965
Number of appearances 2
Played by Andrew Downie

Mr Charlesworth was the superintendent of the old folks' home where pensioner Ted Bates had been abandoned by his daughter Mary. Ted was an old friend and wartime comrade of Albert Tatlock and went to his house, as he was desperately lonely in the home which Mary and her snobbish husband rarely visited. Albert, furious at the way in which pensioners were being treated by society, took him in.

Mr Charlesworth, who Ted liked, turned up to try and persuade him to go back but Albert sent him on with a flea in his ear. Mary then wrote to Albert telling him to mind his own business but her words were equally dismissed. Ted though was hurt by his daughter’s attitude. Charlesworth made another attempt, telling Albert that Ted would be a financial drain on him but the determined old man refused to listen. In the end, Ted feared that he was leaning on Albert too much and returned to the home of his own accord.

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