Mr Cotton
Mr Cotton
Occupation Teacher
First appearance 17th May 2004
Number of appearances 1
Played by Chris Jack

Mr Cotton was Rosie Webster's mathematics teacher at Weatherfield High and was present at her parents' evening in May 2004. The evening had proved disastrous for the ambitions of Sally Webster who, thwarted several weeks before by her daughter's lack of ambition to become a major star of the stage, had instead hoped that she would excel academically. The majority of the other teachers had a different opinion until it came to Mr Cotton who said that she was a joy to teach and had a natural ability at the subject, so much so he thought she found the lessons to be too easy. Sally instantly honed in on the possibility that this could be Rosie's way in which she could escape life living in a terraced back street and started to badger Mr Cotton to push her daughter further. Rosie's face fell, knowing full well how her mother behaved once she had the bit between her teeth…

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