Mr Cummings
Mr Cummings
Occupation Environmental Health Inspector
First appearance 5th November 2010
Last appearance 5th November 2010
Number of appearances 2
Played by Tom Lloyd-Roberts

When preparations to open The Joinery bar underneath the viaduct were almost over in November 2010, Steve McDonald worried about the competition that the new venture would provide for the Rovers. Relationships between the parties concerned with the two businesses grew more rancorous and, to put a spike in the plans for the bar, Betty Williams came up with the idea of ringing Weatherfield Council Environmental Health and reporting a sighting of rats in the site. Steve McDonald, although enamoured of the idea, wanted to keep his hands clean so Betty offered to make to call - for a small pay rise.

Mr Cummings duly called to make the inspection, refusing to name the caller concerned for reasons of data protection. Unsurprisingly, he found no cause for complaint and gave Nick Tilsley a clean bill of health for the premises. Nick had easily guessed who was behind the call and told Steve his plan hadn't worked.

Credited as "Health Inspector", Mr Cummings was named in dialogue in the first of his two appearances.

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