Mr Davies
Mr Davies
Occupation Bank manager
First appearance 14th May 1973
Number of appearances 1
Played by George Waring

Mr Davies was the manager of the bank that held the proceeds for the Rovers Return Inn. One day in May 1973, Annie Walker was on a shopping trip and called into the bank where Mr Davies saw her at the counter. As he was on the point of writing to her anyway, he asked her into his office where he told her that the pub's no.2 account had been allowed to run down and now a cheque for £200 drawn against it had bounced. Annie was amazed, knowing that she hadn’t signed any such cheque. He told her that Billy had signed it in his role as Rovers' manager. Annie went back to the pub where Billy admitted that he had run up gambling debts and had been dipping into the Rovers' account to pay them.

This was George Waring's third role in Coronation Street. He had previously appeared as PC Hartley in 1966 and Ronald Wilde in 1968. He would go on to play Jim Tattersall in 1977 and the regular part of bigamist Arnold Swain from 1980 to 1981.

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