Mr Dixon 1982
Mr Dixon
Occupation Car Salesman
First appearance 3rd February 1982
Number of appearances 1
Played by Peter Alexander

Mr Dixon was a car salesman who Fred Gee met at a banquet laid on by Newton & Ridley in January 1982. Fred was invited at the last minute when a place became free and proceeded to get paralytic. As well as dancing drunkenly with Sarah Ridley and ordering a space invaders machine for the Rovers, he also expressed more than an interest in purchasing a Rover 2000 V8S from Mr Dixon. He turned up at the Rovers with the car for a test drive and was bullied into taking it by a mischievous Bet Lynch. As Mr Dixon thought Annie Walker's old Rover was being used as a trade in, she wasn't well pleased. Things got worse for Fred though when he realised he'd ruined Alf Roberts's borrowed dinner suit and promised a job at his "restaurant" to another guest, Phyllis Lomax.

Credited as "Car Salesman", the character was named in dialogue.

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