Mr Fearns 2000
Mr Fearns
Spouse(s) Brenda Fearns
a wife
Children Neil Fearns (1987)
2 daughters
First appearance 29th March 2000
Number of appearances 1
Played by Eric Hulme

Mr Fearns was the father of Neil Fearns and the paternal grandfather of Bethany Platt. When learning that Neil had slept with Sarah Platt and that she was pregnant, he turned up at Roy's Rolls where Sarah's mother Gail worked to get answers. She confirmed Neil was the father, and Mr Fearns offered support for the child but Gail turned him down, saying that her family would cope and to allow Neil to have his childhood. Mr Fearns left his telephone number with Gail in case she changed her mind and left.

When Neil died in September 2003, Sarah attended the funeral and was told by Norma Radcliffe that Mr Fearns had left wife Brenda a couple of years before, running off to Ireland with a "younger model", although no one knew of his whereabouts since then. In January 2004, Brenda told Emily Bishop that her husband had married his "trollop" in church.

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