Mr fitch
Mr Fitch
Occupation Health inspector
First appearance 5th July 1967
Number of appearances 1
Played by Donald Pelmear

Mr Fitch was a member of the council's health department who was sent to remove the squatting Lawson family from 3 Coronation Street in 1967. Though unable to provide for her sons Ronnie and Clifford, Betty Lawson had kept them out of school as she feared they'd be taken off her and put into care if the council found out they were homeless. Although sympathetic, Ken Barlow felt that they were the council's responsibility and asked Len Fairclough as his local councillor to report them.

The arrival of Mr Fitch, together with Miss Simpson from the children's department and Officer Machin, came at the most inopportune moment for the residents of Coronation Street as they were awaiting the judges of the "Best Kept Street" competition, and had given the street a makeover in hopes of winning the £100 prize money. Mistaking the trio for the competition judges, Annie Walker greeted Mr Fitch as Mr Foley, editor of the Weatherfield Gazette. Both parties remained confused until Mr Fitch introduced his police escort, commenting that he was there in case of violence. This caused Ena Sharples to realise the true reason for their visit. The residents could then only stand back helplessly as the Lawsons were forcibly ejected from No.3 and ushered into a car. The fiasco also contributed to Coronation Street losing the "Best Kept Street" competition to Inkerman Street.

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